Thursday, January 11, 2007

So I’ve finally gone and done It.

So I've finally gone and done It. Something that I didn't think I'd ever really do. Gone to that big "b" in the sky. Jumped the shark, so to speak.

That's right, I've started a blog. I'm not really sure why I never thought I'd bother. I guess I never bought into the hype of the "blogger revolution", since I didn't see the blog software platforms as anything really new. I mean they did make it easier to publish stuff on to the Web, but an easier way to update content on your website does not a revolution make.

I also thought that it was a bit ridiculous for people to post all sorts of personal stuff that no one, except the narcissistic writer himself, actually cared about.1 "My cat played with a toy for two hours!" "I had Thai food for lunch!" "I'm listening to music by a random indie group that no one's ever heard of!" "Ooooh, shiny!!"

But I've bought into the idea of a blog, at least a teeny tiny bit. There are a number of writers that I respect who do their writing through a blog, but don't really write about themselves per se. Of course personalities come through (it wouldn't be as compelling writing if it didn't), but they're writing about interesting topics, not narcissistic crap (or at least not very much).

So, what will my topics be? Well, for the most part, technology related stuff. I'm a Computer Scientist and a geek (albeit a well-rounded one, I like to think), so I'll probably end up with a heavy slant in that direction. Furthermore, I'm a Mac geek, so I'll probably focus on tech issues that bear some relation to it. (In fact, it was some thoughts on the Macworld 2007 Keynote that finally motivated me to start this blog.) I'm also a Human Computer Interaction guy, so I'll likely end up talking about usability issues as well. Finally, I will endeavor to work at least one Simpsons quote and/or reference into each post.

Who am I writing for? That's a very good question. I hope that people with an interest in Computer Science and technology will find some of this interesting, as will people interested in usability. I will, however, try to introduce and define any particularly technical subject matter in such a way that those less versed in the material will find it accessible.

In summary, I'm Jonathan, your host, and I'll try to provide interesting commentary on things. And if I ever do get a cat, I won't be posting about him or her. Although come to think of it, Thai2 does sound like a good idea for lunch tomorrow...

[Updated 2007/02/02: Fixed footnote formatting.]

  1. No, the irony of writing a post about myself not wanting to write about myself has not been lost on me. 
  2. Tie good. You like shirt?3 
  3. Episode AABF09 Homer to the Max 

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