Monday, June 11, 2007

WWDC 2007 Predictions

Before we begin, I'd like to apologize for the recent lack of postings. I've got several articles that are 80% done, and I hope to have them up sooner rather than later. That includes the next installment in the increasingly inaccurately named QoAB (Quarter of Apple Bug Articles) series, MoAB Madness.


This WWDC1 marks the first time in a few years that I won't be there in person. Since I can't gossip with thousands of people waiting in line for the keynote to start, I figured I'd post a few of my keynote-related thoughts here.

However, as the hours wane and the keynote draws near, I come to the realization that I haven't finished writing this article. Part of the problem is that I've been trying to write a good chunk of background material on some of the predictions. For example, there are at least two of them that I've already written 500 words about. And, if I wait to finish up my long winded (er, I mean "detailed") summary of each, I won't have this done before the keynote actually takes place. And that would seem to somehow defeat the point of a predictions article.

So, I've decided to make this a very short list. Or, more accurately, I've decided to make each entry rather short. I'll then follow up with a second article with all of the background content that didn't make the cut2. So, my apologies to my less technologically-oriented readers -- the stuff I'm writing for you will be up soon.

Several of these predictions are anti-predictions, in that I'm predicting that something won't happen. These are all things that I've seen others mention as possibilities.

1) Boot Camp Supports Virtualization in Leopard.

2) ZFS will not be the default file system in Leopard.

3) More Core Animation eye candy. Mostly gratuitous, but a few useful ones.

4) Cinema Displays get built-in iSight cameras.

5) No multi-touch on MacBooks or MacBook Pros. No touchscreens, no gestures on the trackpad (other than two fingered scrolling), no tablet Mac.

6) No major revision in Aqua (nor a replacement for it). No "Illuminous".

7) No iPhone SDK. Yet.

8) Adobe CS3 and Office 2008 Demoes. A no brainer, to me.

9) .Mac Backup meets Time Machine. .Mac disk space usable as storage for Time Machine, or at least the .Mac Backup functionality gets merged into Time Machine.

10) Subnotebook (MacBook mini?). This one's more of a long shot, but I'm still expecting to see a replacement for the 12 inch PowerBook. I'm defining this one as a laptop that's notably smaller (in all dimensions) that an existing model.

And there you go, ten predictions for tomorrow's keynote.

I'll have a post-keynote commentary as well.

  1. Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, the annual week-long show where Apple shows off the future of Mac OS X. 
  2. You're cut too, shusshy!

    Episode 5F03 Bart Star 

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